Dr. Frank about Infrared Mind + Body

At Infrared Mind + Body, we believe in the power of making small changes to see BIG results, and we’re loving Dr. Frank Lipman’s approach to wellness.

“It’s the ordinary things we do on a daily basis that have an extraordinary effect.”—Frank Lipman MD

As a leader in functional medicine and a big fan of infrared therapy, Dr. Lipman looks at health as a “total state of well-being” taking into account physical, mental and emotional aspects. He credits infrared therapy as a form of self care that we should all practice to boost our mood and health.

After his medical training in South Africa, Dr. Lipman spent over a year working at clinics in the bush. It was there that he was introduced to the local, traditional healers who used non-Western medical practices. As a medical student, he says he was taught to focus on the disease instead of the patient, and as a doctor he found himself treating symptoms instead of the root cause. He quickly grew frustrated with the limitations this caused, and it pushed him to begin a life-long search for the path to wellness.

Today, Dr. Lipman strives to identify the root causes of illness, treat the underlying issues, and restore the patient’s balance in both their mind and body. He takes a comprehensive, integrative approach and recommends infrared therapy to improve a number of issues—aches and pains, immunity, blood pressure, weight, and even skin! 

“The boosted blood flow will help increase collagen production for a skin-rejuvenating anti-aging effect. Below the surface, you also help reduce blood pressure, and interestingly, stimulate the body’s calorie-burning machinery,” he writes. “For those with chronic health issues like arthritis, infrared heat can reduce the need for pain meds, loosen up stiff joints and tame inflammation.”