With busy lifestyles and less time to ourselves, it’s never been more important to take time out of our schedules to give your mind and body what it deserves.

Infrared heat raises core body temperature without heating the surrounding air via invisible infrared light energy.

Where traditional steam saunas typically
reach an uncomfortable 200°F,
infrared saunas reach a more tolerable

The heat generated from Infrared light exposure yields additional health benefits in a significant way.

Beyond the incredible relaxation effect it has on people, our saunas provide gentle, soothing heat that will leave you feeling the three R’s - rejuvenated, refreshed and renewed.

Infrared sauna benefits

Heart Health

Medical research studies have proven that a continuing routine of Infrared light therapy reduces the following risks: high blood pressure; stroke; dementia; atherosclerosis; and lung disease.

Weight Loss

With an increase in blood flow and heart rate, our saunas can boost your metabolism to support and maintain healthy weight loss - you can melt away up to 600 calories per session.

Skin Health

Enhance and rejuvenate skin from the inside-out by sweating out impurities and releasing toxins that can often end in breakouts. It’s proven to reduce wrinkles, cleanse your pores and renew skin elasticity. Get ready to glow.

Immunity Boost

Just 1 infrared session can significantly boost the bodies immune cells that fight off viruses and bacterial infections.

Healthy Sleep

Infrared light therapy causes your body to reset its sleep patterns. It normalizes the body's Circadian rhythm and triggers the body to cause a deep regenerative sleep.

Pain Relief

Relieves pain from sore muscles and joints and jumpstarts your body’s natural recovery process. Studies have also shown that an infrared sauna can reduce soreness of nerve endings and can even assist neuromuscular recovery after training.

Mental Health

Infrared therapy causes a marked reduction in brain "fog", increases mental clarity and produces a clear mindset.

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Hours of Operation

monday⁠–friday: 10AM⁠–7PM Saturday: 9Am – 4PM Sunday: 12Pm - 4Pm