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FREE Infrared
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mix and match your monthly services

and exchange your available Wellness Credits for
either service option.


Infrared Sauna

1 wellness credit

experience our proven health benefits with a 30-minute session in our infrared saunas.

LED Red Light Facial

1 wellness credit

Choose between the Anti-aging or acne reduction program for healthy and glowing skin.

each wellness credit is $29.

to receive a discount on this rate, check out our
memberships and packs below!



The Works


10 Wellness Credits

*expires 90 days
Infrared 42 (1)

The Boost


5 Wellness Credits

*expires 90 days

Each Infrared cabin can hold up to 3 individuals. If more than one person is in a cabin, each individual will be charged for a session either by usage of a member’s credits (if already a Member) or by the purchase of a single session, package or a membership purchase by/for each individual. All plans are personal to the member and may not be shared with another person.

The Membership Plans above (except for the Unlimited Plan) are on a monthly cycle with your credit card charged on the first day of the cycle and it auto renews on the first day of each succeeding monthly cycle. The Unlimited Plan is a two week cycle with auto renewal at end of each two weeks. For any plan you can cancel anytime, but you must cancel in person at your home clinic. Membership Plans with first month discounted require a minimum 2 month term.

Your cancellation is effective at the end of the current cycle if cancellation notice is received more than 15 days prior to the end of current cycle. If cancellation notice is received Less than 15 days prior to the end of the current cycle, cancellation is effective at end of the next cycle. Any remaining unused sessions in the last cycle may be used up to the cancellation effective date.

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Unused Sessions from Memberships do not roll-over to future months
Packages expire 90 days after purchase
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